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In your family there was a misfortune – one of the relatives suddenly fell ill, received a serious injury, became a victim of an accident? Or has it become difficult for an elderly relative to run a household due to his advanced age? Do you want to provide sick and elderly loved ones with qualified care, but do not have enough free time and the right level of medical knowledge for this? In this case, Keystone care will help you.

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No one is immune from trouble. Misfortune can knock on the house in the form of a serious illness or senile infirmity. As a result, a person is temporarily or permanently bedridden, not being able to take care of himself independently. Loved ones wholeheartedly strive to help, but are not able to devote all their free time to caring for the patient. The main reason is usually that the rest of the family needs to continue working or studying. What to do in this case? Is it necessary to be torn between everyday duties and love for a sick relative?

Don’t worry: there is a way out of every difficult circumstance. You will continue to deal with your daily worries, earn money and go to classes at school or university, while a loved one will receive high-quality qualified assistance from the employees of Keystone care.

Special care for the elderly and disabled

Nurses working in Keystone care have experience and medical education. They have experience in the social and psychological sphere. At any time, they can assess the general condition of an elderly person and provide him with qualified assistance. Care for people with disabilities includes attentiveness, patience and care. You can order the services of a nurse regularly or by the hour. On Keystone care website there is a convenient price list that will allow you to get acquainted with the prices. You can contact them on any time, and receive quality services at affordable prices. You can leave a request by phone. On the same day, they will select for you a decent, kind and experienced nurse who has all the necessary medical knowledge.

Most often, patient care requires special attention. A person needs regular qualified treatment. He/she needs to make various injections, enemas, if necessary, treat sutures and bedsores, put droppers. We assure you that here you will find specialists who will fulfill all the requirements.

Why choose Keystone care?

  • Over the years of service, they have managed to help a huge number of customers and find an approach to everyone.
  • They are true professionals and enthusiasts. Impressive experience allows them to be completely confident in their abilities. Nursing nurses and nurses will provide decent care for the sick and elderly.
  • Huge base of employees. In Keystone care database many registed nurse present. According to the given the characteristics of the disease, as well as the general condition of the ward, they will select exactly the nurse that you need.
  • You find nurses and nurses provide care services for the sick and elderly both at home and in the hospital. Forget about your worries about the possible dishonesty and negligence of the hospital staff, because Keystone care nurses will carefully monitor all the doctor’s prescriptions!
  • Full range of services. Based on your wishes, they will select the necessary form of work of our employees. This can be the patronage of adults (both men and women), care for the sick and the elderly, nursing at home or pre-medical care.
  • Affordable prices. Keystone care understands that the need for the services of a visiting nurse usually arises unexpectedly, and the financial situation of the family is often not ready for high costs. It is for this reason that the cost of nursing services is very acceptable. A system of pleasant discounts has also been introduced.

The duties of the Keystone care nurse include:

  • Fulfilment of the prescriptions of the attending physician;
  • Compliance with the regime for both the elderly and the sick;
  • Sanitary and hygienic care for the patient;
  • Regular prevention of bedsores;
  • Psychological support and individual approach;
  • Call a doctor or ambulance if necessary;
  • Regular monitoring of the general condition;
  • Carrying out physiological procedures;
  • Compliance with the rules of confidentiality.

Entrusting the care of the elderly to Keystone care experienced specialists, you will receive qualified assistance. Your loved ones will be in safe hands. So connect with Keystone care now!

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