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Keystone Care is an NDIS approved nursing agency with bases in Gladstone park and Melbourne. We provide compassion through disability support services, homecare, and nursing. Keystone Care uses a multifaceted strategy, working through 3 major channels – personal care, community care, and medical care. This ensures that you or your loved ones support is unabridged. So why else is Keystone Care the best Nursing Agency for you?

Our dedicated team of Registered Nurses spare no expense helping you or your loved one lead an unconstrained and fulfilling life. We listen, learn and endeavour to understand you, then implement the best strategies to improve your wellbeing.

Primary care includes but is not limited to:

. Assistance with Household Tasks

. Daily Personal Activities assistance.

. Travel and Transport help

. Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Keystone Care nurses are there to ensure you are living your best life. We make your life easier and more enriching through a deep understanding of your personal needs and goals – both everyday and in the long term.

We are passionate about community care. That’s why we put focus on group and centre based activities and encourage participation in the community.  Our nurses work with other professionals and members of the public to provide group activities, encouraging the body and mind to work together to improve your health. Joining in community events is encouraged and supported. Apart from the obvious physical and mental benefits of these activities, this can lead to searching and practical help with assisted job placement.  Knowing you and your abilities, as we make a point of doing, means our Nurses are able to offer this extension of help and service.

Choose Keystone Care as your Nursing Agency

The fastidious medical care supplied by our nurses is second to none. You can be absolutely confident that our nurses come to you with the best of formal training but also practical competence. Regular care and attention gives our nurses the ability to assess your health, notice any changes and act upon that. This may be to recommend follow-up care or assessment by other trained professionals. Our nurses act quickly and decisively to provide excellent medical care at all times. This includes everyday medication management and more.

If you think Keystone Care is the right nursing agency for you, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone. Look at our “Contact Us” page for more information.

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